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Aritar brings it’s decades of experience in the oil to chemical industry to transform organizations and maximize their productivity. We give deliver excellence to our partners through our proprietary technology and frameworks to give our partners and clients the Aritar SPARK.



Aritar helps to deliver synchronisation across all operational and technological units to help bridge any gaps in operations.



Aritar helps to increase productivity through better decision-making, and better insights resulting in faster turnaround times.



Improving the turnaround time and enabling quick decision making resulting in an improved bottom line and better leadership.



Delivering better control and accountability to improve output without affecting the quality of the final output.



Aritar helps get a deeper understanding of processes through in-depth analysis to help improve the efficiency of a operational unit all while maintaining compliance.

The Components


Digital transformation framework that enables enterprises to enhance their business outcomes. combines 02C4.i™ Domain Intelligent Analytics, ML & AI Engine and harness power of Operation Architecture Platform – AriSense4.0i™ an IIoT – architected portfolio of hardware, software, intelligent devices, and services to create Business Value Architecture and Achieve Operations Excellence.


comprehensive, end-to-end cognitive technology platform with Plant IT/OT/ET integration capabilities for continuous process integration. The platform works seamlessly with its AI-based Edge Firmware, IoT device integrations, deep learning, and sensor and process data integration.


ML AI Engine for augmented intelligence is a combination of deep domain knowledge, historical data, fundamental principle of chemistry, hydrocarbons, and modern data science techniques.

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