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Digital Acceleration

Value Proposition

Connected Plant

Connected Plant

  • Real Time Plant OT-IT Harmonization by wider-usage IT with purpose-built OT convergence.
  • Ease of Different Data Consolidation to provide global access.
  • Intelligent real time processing.
  • Plug and Play Connectors.
  • Supports Diverse OT Equipment, Smart IOT sensors, Modern IOT Gateways & legacy systems.
  • Advanced AI-Based Soft Sensors.
Radical Simplification

Radical Simplification

  • Product Transformation: ARi4.Oi™ Framework transforms person-centric expertise into cognitive and augmented operator, driven by AI & machine learning engine.
  • Versatile Digital Capabilities: Seamless real-time application for both - batch and continuous processes.
  • Advanced ML/AI Analytics Models: Helps to consistently achieve best performance KPIs.
Digital Acceleration

Digital Acceleration

  • Real-time Connected Process with enhanced digital tools for predictive and prescriptive solutions will ensure top performance consistently.
  • Improved Safety Controls.
  • Real-time preventive maintenance scheduling.
  • Data and Cyber Security Compliance.
  • Production Process Transformation.
  • Maximize plant throughput and yield.
  • Optimize operations and maximize energy efficiency

Business Value Drivers:

Better Product Quality & Increased Profitability

Better insights and faster decision making for improved bottom line and leadership

Integrating enterprise planning with execution through one harmonized platform - ARiSense4.Oi™

Deliver increased reliability, control, accountability, quality & compliance

Achieve best-in-class efficiency & faster turnaround time

Lower TCO by standardizing on a single platform across all plants – On Premises, Hybrid or Cloud

Aritar - Program Flow

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Information Security Principles

ARITAR solutions built on ARiSense4.Oi IIOT4.0 platform and all Deployments viz: on premise, Hosted, Cloud, Hybrid Infrastructure Comply All Data, Information, Network & Application Security Standards

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ARITAR Enterprise Architect can design, Customize Secured IIOT deployments, complaint to different Security Guidelines as per Plant Enterprise –IT

Data & Analytics

Aritar Data & Analytics services assist clients with concerns around having a problem-first or data-first approach, as well as the democratization of data, analytics, and use cases. The most important problem addressed by Aritar Analytics is finding the right skill sets. The perfect skill set for such implementations demand the combined knowledge of chemical technology, business context, and statistics. Our proven expertise helps you harness the power of all disruptive next-gen technologies to unlock multi-fold amplified outcomes for your business. This combined knowledge is bundled in O2C4.i™ ML/AI Engine.

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ARiSense4.Oi™ is designed specifically for Oil to Chemical industry with optimizing equipment, process and product design, accelerating innovation, and managing risk. It is a comprehensive, end-to-end cognitive technology platform with Plant IT/OT/ET integration capabilities for continuous process integration. The platform works seamlessly with its AI-based Edge Firmware, IoT device integrations, deep learning, and sensor and process data integration. It possesses the ability to support millions of events in real-time, on custom and 3rd Party HW platforms.

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Smart Insights

We create data insights, personas, and profiles of end-users, thus, enabling us to design solutions that are persona-centric. Our rich domain experience and understanding are key to our UX design process and helps us understand the stakeholders’ point and perspective. Our user-centric design process helps us create a truly personalized solution for our clients.

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Digital Services

Aritar Analytics facilitates digitization programs for chemical, petrochemical, and oil refineries.

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