Data & Analytics

Aritar Data & Analytics services assist clients with concerns around having a problem-first or data-first approach, as well as the democratization of data, analytics, and use cases. The most important problem addressed by Aritar Analytics is finding the right skill sets. The perfect skill set for such implementations demand the combined knowledge of chemical technology, business context, and statistics. Our proven expertise helps you harness the power of all disruptive next-gen technologies to unlock multi-fold amplified outcomes for your business. This combined knowledge is bundled in O2C4.i™ ML/AI Engine.

Aritar Data Science team takes care of all the plant particulars from analysis of your offline route-based data and continuous monitoring systems, IOT sensors, to instruments/equipment, process data and what-if and other conditions. The team recommends the ML/AI engineering team to Design ML Models made-to-order on the basis of customer requirements. The ML/AI architecture team is blend of Chemical Engineers, Statisticians, Technical Services and Simulation Experts with Software Engineers who come in concert to give Domain Intelligence to Analytics Designs.