Decades of Experience Enhanced by TechnologyFor Oil to Chemical Industry

About Us

Aritar analytics is the Digital Avatar of its parent company Dorf Ketal that has 25+ years of rich domain experience in chemical manufacturing for petrochemicals, oil refineries & technical services. Aritar uses deep data knowledge to automate, optimize processes and accelerate implementation with Domain Intelligent ML / AI Engine 02C4.i™ and other agile methodologies. Our offering leverages proprietary and domain-specific solutions & accelerators to deliver data driven, value-added services to digitally achieve business process transformation for Oil to Chemical Industries. This helps us in delivering enhanced plant reliability, improved yield and profitability and reduced down times due to better preventive maintenance scheduling.

Our Cloud agnostic, Digital Twin platform combined with deep domain expertise and cutting-edge technologies brings in AI-enabled SmartEdge Connectors, AI Based Soft Sensors, & Cognitive Operator for improved Energy, OEE & Process Capability.

Our unique approach of KPI-driven business processes to deliver optimized plant operations benefits through real time process-based AI to get visibility into the complete manufacturing process and to identify performance anomalies in real time.